We've all been in need of a "Mental Break" from time to time. Dancing, or stepping up on Indian Contemporary or Classical forms of dance can offer the escape your brain needs. "It's a good counter-activity to being stuck on a dance studio or just being at home."

And science agrees to support the step up performance. A study in 2014 found positive changes in mood for recreational dancers. Participants had higher energy levels and were less tense compared with competition dancers, who had stress levels similar to those of other competitive athletes. Not unlike a "runner's high," rhythmic movement has been shown to trigger the release of endorphins, which can boost your mood.

Personally, people uses dance classes to re-enter themselves. Few people who have attended the Poundrik Dance Workshops have said "we find it's a very indulgent time to just concentrate on ourselves. Participations release that their brain claims down, and it's nonverbal language to the body and soul.

As much of a mental exercise as a physical one, dancing keeps the mind sharp. A study about dance and its forms in 2011 founded that dancing as we age helps improve cognitive flexibility, known to decline even in high-functioning older adults. In adolescent females, a regular dance class positively impacted their mental health. A study by various international association found that teenage girls had more positive thoughts and felt more confidence after dancing. They reported better feelings about their overall health after participating in structured dance classes that focused on enjoying movement rather than perfection and performance.

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