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Indian contemporary dance company

Inspiring Culture

Poundrik speaks the language of the people, of the time. It's not just for professional eyes, it portrays something raw, real and the essence of the human spirit. Its ultimate victory; the ultimate victory of hope; an account of collective and individual; control and the abandonment of control.
When our dancers are on stage, they are themselves, without pretence. Our aim is to cut through layers of artifice, to reveal things for what they really are - the raw truth, biting life at its core. . . .

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Our Works

Poundrik - Indian Contemprary Dance Company


VINAYAKA is also known as Lord Ganesha, magnificent in a deity that has a human body with an elephant head. The Lord Ganesh attributes good fortune and success, widely revered by almost all castes and in all parts of India, regardless of any other spiritual affiliations.
Lord Ganesh is also associated with the first Chakra, or energy wheel, which underpins all the other Chakras and represents conservation, survival and material well-being. He is considered as the supreme deity among Gods and all rituals begin with Ganesha's Worship, who grants success, prosperity and protection against adversity. In a lesser known role, Ganesha is also the destroyer of vanity, selfishness, and pride. . .

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Anvaya - Connecting Dots

The energies of Shiva and Shakti will again be explored to tap into the deep well of Self-love, courage and inner strength which we all need to liberate our souls with, reprogramming our bodies as well as our minds through dynamic and creative sequences. Yoga and Kalaripayattu(Kalari)- inspired movements, will be tapped into the transformational power of Anvaya to encourage growth.
Combining ancient art forms of India, yoga with Kalari, we have aimed to explore so many similar postures inspired by various animals to help and understand our body potential; manifesting every sensation of human presence and its existence. . .

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Poundrik - Indian Contemprary Dance Company
Poundrik - Indian Contemprary Dance Company


Inspired by the Indian culture of celebrations, and its unique customs and traditions, which have dictated the way of life in India for thousands of years.
Celebrations in India is equally diverse and multifaceted as compared to its multi-cultural population. This multi-lingual abode is known for its frequent indulgence in celebrations. As the country is tagged as a cosmopolitan society, you will always find some section of the population celebrating the spirit of festivity.
Aanandham is a call for a wholehearted participation of people of all ages, and to give their full effort to celebrate . . .

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We’ve all been there: A strong emotion like anger or fear sucks us in and suddenly we can’t seem to control the things we say or do, hurting ourselves and those around us.
“We act like wind-up toys, repeatedly bumping into the same walls, never realizing there may be an open door just to our left or our right,”
This thought is the birth of the trapping net which covers us around, and suddenly we realized that we are trapped in our own mind with a set of dark thoughts, leaving us helpless and unsolved. . .

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Poundrik - Indian Contemprary Dance Company


Poundrik Team

Anika Kanyana

A 22 years old graduate in Business Administration, Anika has never let anything come over her passion towards dance. She is trained in Bharatanatyam for 15 years under the guidance of guru Dr. Sanjay Shantaram. She has open her hands to learn and understand different dance forms like; Hip-Hop, Indian Contemporary, Bollywood & Folk. Her passion towards dance began when she was 8 year old and by this age she already has a 8 years of experience in performing for various prestigious platforms like; TEDX and many more.

Poundrik Team

Jagadishwar Sukumar

Jagadish has been trained in Bharatanatyam from Guru Sri. Parshwanath Upadhye and Kuchipudi from Smt. Renjusha Nair and currently training in Bharathanatyam under Guru Sri. Praveen Kumar. He has performed in various dance drama’s across country, his energy and stage presence is remarkable. He is also trained in Kathak, Mohiniyattam and movement arts.

Poundrik Team

Nikhil Raveendran

Nikhil has been trained in Bharatanatyam for the past 24 years from the dancing duos Srikanth & Aswathy Srikanth & also Smt. Kalamandalam Saraswathy . He has also been trained in kuchipudi for 16 years from Aswathy Srikanth and smt. Kalamandalam Saraswathy.He has got the senior scholarship from the ministry of culture, government of India and also a graded artiste in bharathanatyam from Doordarshan Kendra, trivandrum. He has been awarded the prestigious guru Gopikrishna award conducted by all India artists association . He has performed in different dance festivals in India and also performed abroad , namely surya festival, Chennai margazhi festival, swaralaya festival, Mudra festival etc. and also places like srilanka, Tanzania and re-union island . Nikhil has also been trained in contemporary dance and holds a two year diploma in movement arts and mixed media.

Poundrik Team

Kalpana Devaprasad

Kalpana is a valiant and strong Bharatanatyam & Contemporary movement artist. She started her dancing journey at the age of 7 under guru Ms. Suma Nagesh. She has received scholarship from “Karnataka Sangeetha Nrithya academy” for Bharatanatyam. Her passion towards kids and teaching has made her share the knowledge to enrich the power of achievement.

Poundrik Team

Komal Naik

A quick learner and very energetic performer with great stage presence is Komal’s key strength. She started her dancing journey at the age of 8, with a great passion towards dance. She is trained in Bharatanatyam, by various gurus like; Mrs. Pradeepa David, Mrs. Sreedevi Unni & Ms. Bhanumathi. She also holds a diploma in mixed media and movement arts.


All You Need Is Yourself

Dancing, for yourself is nothing but providing a great cardiovascular workout, that could be done anywhere without the effort of going to a gym or any other equipment’s. "You don't need any physical exertion tools; you don't need any weights or machines to work out. Literally, all you need is yourself." The physical exertion you get from dancing can vary depending on the type of movements being performed. At the tip of an hourlong Indian contemporary ...

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Mental Escape

We've all been in need of a "Mental Break" from time to time. Dancing, or stepping up on Indian Contemporary or Classical forms of dance can offer the escape your brain needs. "It's a good counter-activity to being stuck on a dance studio or just being at home." And science agrees to support the step up performance. A study in 2014 found positive changes in mood for recreational dancers. Participants had higher energy levels and were less ...

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Balance and Coordination

Each year, more than one out of four adults around 65 years older suffers a fall apart in their life. At the same time, millions of children and teens injure themselves playing various sports. And although the two incidents may seem incredibly different, the potential solution is the same: fall like a dancer. Techniques taught in Indian Contemporary dance workshops increase body awareness and encourage low-impact landings . . .

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