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Satvik Mahajan is recognized as one of the most exciting artists creating dynamic, fearless and enigmatic choreographies. As a dancer, his great physical prowess and unsurpassed leaping ability enabled him to perform the most difficult combinations of steps with remarkable elegance of line.

A dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur, aiming at increasing its exposure and fame across boundaries. His work taps into both intellectual and physical powers of dance and is rooted in his particular vision of culture and society. Passionate about opening original ideas to new audiences, Satvik crafts unexpected matches between classical and modern contemporary art forms.

As the director of Poundrik, Satvik Mahajan collaborates with various musicians to create new compositions based on the contemporary art, edges with creativity to explore the new possibilities to share and inspire people.

Satvik Mahajan's dance choreography pushes the possibilities of dance beyond storytelling, to stimulate thought, reaction, and sensation through the movement of the human body. Restless, inquisitive and intrepid, he never treads on the same path twice. He challenges expectation, going against the grain to create dance pieces that are at once beguiling and unsettling.

Satvik is inspired by the complexities and contradictions of the world around him, taking cues and ideas from unlikely corners. He started Poundrik to give the original design, music, and style to complement and counterpoint his dance to the artists and embracing the harmony and the tension they build.

We at Poundrik are cut from the same cloth — Brave, Bold & Uncompromising. Satvik's vision is to move audience together at the same pitch and takes his audiences on an adventure of the senses.

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