No matter if you like doing the "The Hokey Pokey" at a party, the "running man" challenge in a social media video or performing on stage with a Poundrik Indian Contemporary Dance Company, everyone, no matter the level, has something to gain from dancing. The inclusive art is accessible to all with countless benefits being had.

Unlike with many forms of exercise, there are no rules when it comes to dancing. Participants range from toddlers to retirees; anyone can join in and enjoy the experience.

"We know that movement is good for everyone," Satvik says. "A healthy lifestyle is integrating the mind, body and soul relationship, and dance has all of those characteristics." Dancing forces you to feel your muscles, bones and joints, "and getting in touch with your body in that way is the first step to any kind of physical fitness."

"Everyone can do something, even if it's just you just tapping your foot," she said. "Everyone can do something where they can move their body to music, and that's really valuable."

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