All You Need Is Yourself

Dancing, for yourself is nothing but providing a great cardiovascular workout, that could be done anywhere without the effort of going to a gym or any other equipment’s. "You don't need any physical exertion tools; you don't need any weights or machines to work out. Literally, all you need is yourself." The physical exertion you get from dancing can vary depending on the type of movements being performed. At the tip of an hourlong Indian contemporary ...

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Mental Escape

We've all been in need of a "Mental Break" from time to time. Dancing, or stepping up on Indian Contemporary or Classical forms of dance can offer the escape your brain needs. "It's a good counter-activity to being stuck on a dance studio or just being at home." And science agrees to support the step up performance. A study in 2014 found positive changes in mood for recreational dancers. Participants had higher energy levels and were less ...

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Balance and Coordination

Each year, more than one out of four adults around 65 years older suffers a fall apart in their life. At the same time, millions of children and teens injure themselves playing various sports. And although the two incidents may seem incredibly different, the potential solution is the same: fall like a dancer. Techniques taught in Indian Contemporary dance workshops increase body awareness and encourage low-impact landings . . .

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Dancing has no age limit

No matter if you like doing the "The Hokey Pokey" at a party, the "running man" challenge in a social media video or performing on stage with a Poundrik Indian Contemporary Dance Company, everyone, no matter the level, has something to gain from dancing. The inclusive art is accessible to all with countless benefits being had. Unlike with many forms of exercise, there are no rules when it comes to dancing. Participants range from toddlers . . .

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Dance your way to good health

Dancing can be a most enjoyable form of exercise. But, what most people don't know is that it also has a large number of health benefits. Dancing is a great full out mind and body workout. It can make your body and soul feel good in a way that no other exercise can. The benefits of dancing are like no other. It can help you lose weight, strengthen and tone your body, increase stamina and flexibility, improve balance and posture, . . . .

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