Each year, more than one out of four adults around 65 years older suffers a fall apart in their life. At the same time, millions of children and teens injure themselves playing various sports. And although the two incidents may seem incredibly different, the potential solution is the same: fall like a dancer.

Techniques taught in Indian Contemporary dance workshops increase body awareness and encourage low-impact landings. These Indian Contemporary techniques, learning and exploring various Indian Contemporary techniques, are not only useful for dancers on stage but for athletes as well. Dance is something that can be coordinate and balance the body and mind.

"The aging population is at high risk for falls, and we think of dance, especially, when it can be the most beneficial in reducing the risk of falls, because dance is just a series of balance tests,"

Experts have also pointed out that, compared with dancers, "athletes generally have more knee injuries, specifically ACL injuries, and we think that the specific jump training that dancers do could be prevention for knee injuries such as a ACL tear." The moves and routines dancers are taught require elongated movements and full extensions, which leads to "less force generated on their body." This movement control is leads to control and balance the whole coordination of mind.

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