Anvaya Contemprary Dance Repertoire
Anvaya Contemprary Dance Repertoire


Connecting Dots

The energies of Shiva and Shakti will again be explored to tap into the deep well of Self-love, courage and inner strength which we all need to liberate our souls with, reprogramming our bodies as well as our minds through dynamic and creative sequences. Yoga and Kalaripayattu(Kalari)- inspired movements, will be tapped into the transformational power of Anvaya to encourage growth.

Combining ancient art forms of India, yoga with Kalari, we have aimed to explore so many similar postures inspired by various animals to help and understand our body potential; manifesting every sensation of human presence and its existence.

Anvaya builds out the connection between Kalari & Yoga using it symbolically to express the core philosophy of Nature & Soul. This consciousness flow of energies from nature to the human body is expressed through time and space, the main objective is to elevate the body and being to a higher state of consciousness, opening up the unexplored potentials of an individual and thus moving towards awakening our unexplored body chakras.

Connecting dots is visualized in the human body, wherein the movement is inward from outward akin to the Yogic and Kalaripayattu journey. It is a system that creates global awareness of a person’s place in the world, and the energies that surround us. Kalari trains and heals the physical body, and Yoga brings energy channels of the body, through movement and, static postures.

Here we present Anvaya – Connecting dots between Yoga & Kalaripayattu to explore potential of nature and soul of human existence.

Choreographer : Satvik Mahajan
Music : Sashank Tirupathi
Costume : Aloka D’souza
DOP : B Krishna Karthik & Shoaib Ur Rehman
Dancers : 10 – 16

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