Anandham Contemprary Dance Repertoire
Anandham Contemprary Dance Repertoire


Inspired by the Indian culture of celebrations, and its unique customs and traditions, which have dictated the way of life in India for thousands of years.

Celebrations in India is equally diverse and multifaceted as compared to its multi-cultural population. This multi-lingual abode is known for its frequent indulgence in celebrations. As the country is tagged as a cosmopolitan society, you will always find some section of the population celebrating the spirit of festivity.

Aanandham is a call for a wholehearted participation of people of all ages, and to give their full effort to celebrate them with grandeur and lavishness. Dance is performed for every possible occasion - to celebrate the arrival of seasons, the birth of a child, a wedding and festivals and many more…!

Aanandham will bring that language of music and song helps to celebrate one’s heritage as well as bring different communities together in mutual understanding to share the exaltation of cultural expression that reaches across boundaries, bringing peoples and communities closer together.

Here we present Aanandham – A unique manifestation of expressive cultural identity, simultaneously which enhances the maintenance of cultural diversity.

Choreographer : Satvik Mahajan
Music : Sashank Tirupathi
Costume : Aloka D’souza
DOP : B Krishna Karthik & Shoaib Ur Rehman
Dancers : 15 – 25

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